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OTG-DSS Inc.Welcome to OTG-DSS Inc.  We strive to be the most efficient computer support company in central Minnesota.  We help people with all computer systems training on:

We also do programming, web sites and system setup.  With over 45 years of experience, I am sure we can help you.


Personal History

Besides being a football player and coach and a math teacher, A. John Peters has had a rich and varied career in the computer industry. In 1969, after playing football for the Omaha Mustangs and teaching in an Omaha high school, John began his career as an actuarial programmer. He soon moved on to doing research in software methodologies, secure network communications and distributed databases. Since 1977, John has been working on the Internet (then known as the ARPANET) and he has also been a District Technical Director, with over 120 geographically dispersed people reporting to him.

Since 1989, he has run the consulting firm, A. John Peters Consulting. In 2001, the company was renaThumbtackmed to OTG-DSS Inc. (This stands for On the Go, Distributed Software Systems). Its main business consists of the creation, testing and installation of software applications in a distributed environment. Users of his system install programs from Local Area Networks (LANs), Intranets, the Internet and Compact Disks. OTG-DSS Inc. also maintains secure Websites for certain customers so their users can maintain, download and keep records of private information and programs.

Mr. Peters created OTG‑DSS Inc. to diversify his business to include the creation and maintenance of e‑commerce web sites, training of business owners on how they can best use the Internet, and avoid troublesome problems with their computers and computer networks. As part of his training of business users, Mr. Peters taught classes at Central Lakes College on “Securing Your Small Business Network”, Advertising Your Business on the Web” and “1-ON-1Training for Creating Your Own Website”. He was also the lead adjunct professor of information technology at the MN School of Business in St. Cloud, MN.

In 2003, Mr. Peters was named by Governor Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota as a “Minnesota Entrepreneurial Champion” for using the Internet to promote locally produced goods.

Current Projects

Program Administrator and Computer Instructor at the Minneapolis Business College.  Mr Peters teaches, Computer Networking, Computer Hardware and Programming.


  • Created and implemented a “Proof of Correctness Program” for the U.S. Government which was used to test code used in Missile Guidance system.
  • Sett up Web and Paper based system for classified ads for a small newspaper. Adding Web based content management for news articles.
  • Designed a procedure to move PC LAN applications from development to production, which included quality and security checkpoints.
  • Designed, implemented and maintained a remote printing system. This system created a centrally control center which monitors and manages print jobs over a heterogeneous network. It allows users to print from any UNIX or PC basedworkstations to any printer defined in the network. The printers, computers and computer users were located in over 700 cities in 4 continents
  • Designed and implemented a software installation strategy that allowed user updates to occur on over 90 LANs and 7000 workstations from a central location. As a result, the customer saved $2,000,000 every quarter for 2 years on software installations.
  • Designed and implemented a secure Web based information/message system consisting of a multi‑tiered security system, where users could only see relevant inThumbtackformation about job postings, company information and job requirements
  • Designed a security system for Web based access to training and personnel information. This system used SSL and encryption when sensitive information is being transmitted.
  • Currently maintains over 50 web sites varying with a customer base that includes resorts, an accounting firm, to an e-business that sells arts and crafts on line.
  • Taught Computer System, Network Technology, PC Maintenance, Programming Languages and Operating systems at Business School, winning 3 gold 1 one silver medals for teaching excellence.
  • Board Member of the National Bipolar Foundation chairing the Information and Technology committee.
  • Run and maintain training and support business functions for TN based business with manufacturing in LA and network support in NJ. Use PHP and mySQL extensively.