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  • This course introduces the students to the Microsoft Visual Basic package. The first half of the course teaches programming rules and syntax, and the second half is dedicated to computer assignments where the students enter, debug, test, and document their programs. (Prerequisite: CA110 Computer Concepts)

  • The theory and practiced needed to become a network support technician. The skills taught can lead to to Network Plus Certification.
  • The tools and skills necessary to support customers. Covers organizational, structure and Help Desk Software.
  • Use tools to author web sites This course using Microsoft Exprssion Web
  • This course teaches the students how to become a UNIX systems administrator.The students learn system administration functions that allow them to add new users and establish system-level defaults and user privileges.Students also learn how to log in as a regular user and use the standard set of commands.Additionally, the students learn to use X-Windows.(Prerequisites:CA109 Microsoft Operating Systems and CA110 Computer Concepts)
  • Basic Skills for administrators needed to use the web for creative purposes
  • Advanced topics is spreadsheets for use in your daily job. Covers Excel, Google Docs and Microsoft Outlook using Exchange
  • Introduction to Filing systems and keeping records electronically.

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by A John Peters - Tuesday, 5 October 2010, 03:19 PM
See the upper left hand corner of you class web page. Added general interest news.

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